Agilis DataLens™ Technology Makes Big Data Better

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Agilis DataLens™ Technology Makes Big Data Better

Agilis Measurement Systems, Inc., has developed technology to efficiently filter the massive amounts of blade deflection data generated by the Company’s c360 Off Line software. DataLens brings blade dynamics into focus and drives deeper understanding of blade vibration characteristics and trends, enabling users to more accurately identify the root cause of failures and enhance design methodology.

According to Ron Washburn, the Chief Scientist for Agilis Measurement Systems, “the volume of data that c360 Off Line generates can be overwhelming to the novice user. DataLens was created to help users view the most vital engine vibration information in a more user-friendly way to produce actionable blade intelligence.”

DataLens enables users to move beyond basic displays and reports by overlaying blade patterns and related instrumentation on customizable, intuitive screens. “By extracting post-test blade information from the c360 Off Line database, this filtering tool helps engineers gain deeper knowledge about the impact of vibrations on turbine performance,” Washburn said.

The technology places the most critical information into the hands of more engineering audiences across engine development organizations. This enhances decision-making by allowing any user to better leverage the big data generated by Off Line software.

To schedule a demo of Agilis DataLens Technology, contact Frank O’Neill.


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