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Agilis Team Wins Awards at Canstruction® Event, Raises Awareness for Food Insecurity

Agilis Engineering participated in the local Canstruction® charity event this year, taking home three awards and raising awareness for food insecurity in Palm Beach County.

Canstruction is a nonprofit that holds competitions across North America. Teams build elaborate structures from canned goods based on a theme. After the competition, all non-perishable food items are donated to local food banks. Since its inception, Canstruction events have donated more than 82 million pounds of food to people in need.

This year’s exhibition in Palm Beach County had the theme of CanCouture and took place from May 6th to May 19th. All food was donated to the Palm Beach County Food Bank.

The Agilis team designed an haute couture work room, complete with a couture dress on a form and a view through the window of the Eiffel Tower. Agilis engineers used 3D CAD tools to create a rendering of the Canstruction design and to ensure its structural integrity. The team developed build instructions and practiced assembly at our Palm Beach Gardens facility. The final design was named LUMIÈRE DE LA NUIT (LIGHT OF THE NIGHT).

The total count for the Agilis build was 3,557 cans. Agilis team members raised funds for their project through numerous events, including Can-Aid, an event at a local brewery. The local community was incredibly supportive and the Agilis team raised over $4,700.

The Agilis team won three awards in the 2019 event: “Best Meal,” which is awarded to the team who chooses quality, healthy food items that are most needed by the food bank; the “Structural Ingenuity” award; and “Dress for Success,” which is given to the team who stays truest to the theme of CanCouture.

Agilis entered the Canstruction competition in partnership with Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium and L’Occitane. The event was a wonderful way to raise awareness and support for food insecurity in our community, and we’re looking forward to competing again next year.

Auxiliary Data Acquisition System Streamlines Data Capture for Agilis c360® Software

Agilis Measurement Systems, Inc., has developed software that allows users to easily acquire large amounts of auxiliary data while running c360 Real Time and c360 Health turbine blade monitoring software. Auxiliary data can then be viewed and analyzed in Agilis DataLens™ Technology. The Auxiliary Data Acquisition System gives users a comprehensive view of turbine engine performance during testing by synchronizing multiple data streams, such as pressure, temperature, accelerometer and NSMS information.

Chris Hill, Chief Engineer for Agilis Measurement Systems, explains, “Auxiliary acquisition channels were something we long wanted to provide to our c360 customers. Customers can now record and analyze valuable auxiliary data without giving up channels of Real Time or Health.”

Because the auxiliary data is captured within the c360 platform, the system requires little configuration or setup time. Users can efficiently capture auxiliary data and quickly begin analysis in DataLens.

To schedule a demo of Agilis Auxiliary Data Acquisition System, contact Mike O’Neill at

Michael O'Neill joins Agilis Measurement Systems as Engineering Manager

Agilis is pleased to announce Michael O’Neill as Engineering Manager for Agilis Measurement Systems, Inc.

Michael O’Neill joins Agilis after serving the past 33 years in test disciplines with Pratt & Whitney, most recently as the Director for Systems Engineering & Validation in West Palm Beach. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University.

Michael serves on several committees of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, NASA and the U.S. Air Force. He is a Board Member of the Palm Beach County Business Development Board, the Palm Beach County Economic Council and the Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce.

Michael O’Neill stated, “The concentration of talent and energy at Agilis Measurement Systems is unlike anything else in the industry. This team is going to take vibratory analysis and engine health monitoring to new heights.”

Agilis Engineering Opens San Diego Office

Agilis Engineering, Inc. (Agilis) is pleased to announce the opening of a satellite office in San Diego, California. Friends and peers joined Agilis for the ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 27, 2017. Located in the historic Mission Brewery Plaza, this is the Company’s fourth office facility in the U.S.

“We hope to continue a tradition of providing our customers with creative, responsive and reliable engineering solutions,” says Frank O’Neill, Agilis CEO and Founder. “We’re excited to be part of the engineering community in San Diego.”

San Diego is home to many of the world’s most highly respected aerospace, aircraft, industrial, manufacturing, and research and development companies. Thus far, Agilis has hired thirty-one engineers at this location, including both new graduates and accomplished engineering professionals.

For over two decades, Agilis Engineering has worked with the world’s leading manufacturers on many of the industry’s most advanced gas turbine engines. Our experienced team designs, develops, and tests turbomachinery in the aerospace, power generation, marine, and oil and gas industries.

Agilis DataLens™ Technology Makes Big Data Better

Agilis Measurement Systems, Inc., has developed technology to efficiently filter the massive amounts of blade deflection data generated by the Company’s c360 Off Line software. DataLens brings blade dynamics into focus and drives deeper understanding of blade vibration characteristics and trends, enabling users to more accurately identify the root cause of failures and enhance design methodology.

According to Ron Washburn, the Chief Scientist for Agilis Measurement Systems, “the volume of data that c360 Off Line generates can be overwhelming to the novice user. DataLens was created to help users view the most vital engine vibration information in a more user-friendly way to produce actionable blade intelligence.”

DataLens enables users to move beyond basic displays and reports by overlaying blade patterns and related instrumentation on customizable, intuitive screens. “By extracting post-test blade information from the c360 Off Line database, this filtering tool helps engineers gain deeper knowledge about the impact of vibrations on turbine performance,” Washburn said.

The technology places the most critical information into the hands of more engineering audiences across engine development organizations. This enhances decision-making by allowing any user to better leverage the big data generated by Off Line software.

To schedule a demo of Agilis DataLens Technology, contact Frank O'Neill.

Frank O’Neill Joins Exec. Advisory Board of FAU College of Eng. & Computer Science

Agilis President and Chief Executive Officer, Frank O’Neill, has joined the Executive Advisory Board for the Florida Atlantic University (FAU) College of Engineering and Computer Science.

O’Neill works alongside Dean Mohammad Ilyas, Ph.D. and other prominent community leaders to support the educational and professional growth of FAU’s engineering and computer science students.

“I’m honored to have the opportunity to serve with the talented members of the Board and I’m inspired by FAU’s commitment to industry partnership,” noted O’Neill.

O’Neill founded Agilis 23 years ago. His formative experience came from the design, analysis, and testing of development military flight engines at Pratt & Whitney’s West Palm Beach, Florida facility. Before that, he spent four years at Lockheed Martin in Denver, Colorado, as a specialist in dynamics and loads analysis for large missile programs.

To read more about FAU’s College of Engineering and Computer Science Executive Advisory Board, visit

Agilis Engineers Win Engineering Achievement Merit Awards

Agilis is proud to announce that Jose Cintron, a Structural Analysis Discipline Leader, and Ron Washburn, the Chief Scientist for Agilis Measurement Systems, have each been awarded Engineering Achievement Awards from The Engineers’ Council. The Engineers’ Council, a not-for-profit founded in 1955, annually awards leaders in engineering, education and special fields of work and public service.

Jose will be receiving the Outstanding Engineering Achievement Merit Award, which recognizes individuals who have achieved significant accomplishments in a particular area of engineering activity within the past year. Ron will be receiving the Distinguished Engineering Achievement Award, which honors individuals who are outstanding in professional qualities and have a top reputation for engineering accomplishments and leadership.

Under Jose’s dynamic direction, the Agilis engineering team has developed new process maps, training protocols, best practices, quality standards and plans for systematic continuous improvement. Over the past five years, Jose has managed one of the largest developmental military rig programs for a major OEM. He holds 2 U.S. Patents.

Ron, a voting member of the International Society of Automation Tip Timing subcommittee, collaborates regularly with industry experts to develop standards for blade tip timing. The youngest Associate Fellow ever during his time at Pratt & Whitney, Ron has led the Agilis blade vibration measurement and analysis team for over a decade. Agilis c360® Vibration Intelligence Software was developed under his leadership, and is now the industry’s leading technology for post-processing blade vibration data.

Ron’s work has been cited in more than 30 scholarly articles, and he has acted as the Principal Investigator for Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) with the Department of Defense. He is a recognized expert in advanced Non-intrusive Stress Measurement System (NSMS) instrumentation across the entire spectrum of turbo-machinery for industrial, military and space applications.

“It is a great honor to have two of our senior expert engineers recognized by the Engineers’ Council. Ron and Jose are proven leaders in this industry and we’re proud to have them lead our teams here at Agilis. Their insight, professionalism and creativity are what help set Agilis apart in the turbo-machinery engineering world,” says Agilis CEO and Founder, Frank O’Neill.

Agilis Engineer Wins Future Technology Leader Award

Agilis Engineering, Inc., is proud to announce that Ronald Balliram, a member of the Company’s mechanical design team, has been awarded the Future Technology Leader Award by The Engineers’ Council. The Future Technology Leader Award recognizes early-career professionals who have achieved significant accomplishments in engineering within the first five years of their career.

A not-for-profit organization founded in 1955, The Engineers’ Council annually awards leaders in engineering, education and special fields of work and public service. Over the past two years at Agilis, Ronald has focused on developing large-scale cost savings initiatives for a major OEM customer. He has helped reduce the cost of an engine component through feasibility studies, design for manufacturing, and thermal and structural 3D analysis.

“Ronald is one of our bright young engineers here at Agilis. He’s a smart, humble and creative problem solver and a true team player. We’re very proud of his accomplishments and congratulate him on being recognized by the Council as a young leader in the engineering profession,” says Agilis Founder and CEO, Frank O’Neill.

Ronald, who earned his BS in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Cum Laude, from the University of Florida, has most recently taken on a leadership role for key product improvements and cost reduction programs. He has also studied in Berlin, Germany, participating in workshops to generate new cost savings ideas.

Non-intrusive Stress Measurement vs. Strain Gauges

In the turbine industry, blade vibration information is critical for validating engine designs and assessing engine health. Two methods for measuring blade vibration in turbo-machinery are strain gauge instrumentation and a non-intrusive stress measurement system (NSMS).

A strain gauge is an electrical conductor that experiences changes in resistance as it is strained. While strain gauges have traditionally been the standard method of obtaining blade vibration data, there are several limitations to this method. The attachment of strain gauges and routing wires directly to the blade can alter vibratory properties. The number of applied strain gauges must be restricted to limit the amount of influence on the vibration. As strain gauges can only deliver data for the blades to which they are mounted, this is a considerable drawback.

The Non-intrusive Stress Measurement System (NSMS), also often referred to as Blade Tip Timing (BTT), uses case-mounted probes to measure blade arrival times and calculate blade deflections. Given that NSMS probes are externally mounted on the engine case, there is minimal, if any, effect on blade vibratory characteristics.

In contrast to strain gauges, a non-intrusive stress measurement system measures every blade on every rotation for every probe. This provides valuable information on system behavior of a vibratory response that is not possible with a strain gauge, including full-spectrum nodal diameter content, mistuning, and insight into complex high-cycle fatigue (HCF) phenomena.

Instrumentation failure and the mortality rate of strain gauges are relatively high, particularly as technology advancements increase the speed and temperature of turbine engines. The robust quality of NSMS probes results in extended test periods and enables the use of this reliable technology for long-term engine health monitoring.

It is important to note that the fixed synchronous sample rate inherent to NSMS requires unique data analysis techniques. Our industry-leading Agilis experts have developed a suite of software for detailed analysis of NSMS blade vibration data. Over the last decade, Agilis c360® Vibration Intelligence Software has proven to be a reliable resource for the world’s premier engine manufacturers and operators.

While strain gauge applications are the conventional approach to obtaining blade vibration data, non-intrusive systems provide complete characterization of blade behavior when viewed with the sophisticated c360 analysis software. For more information about Agilis Measurement Systems or blade vibration analysis with our c360 Software, contact us at

c360® is a registered trademark of Agilis Measurement Systems, Inc.

Agilis Measurement Systems Joins National Instruments Alliance Partner Network

Agilis Measurement Systems, Inc. is National Instruments (NI) Alliance Partner. Joining this network of more than 850 independent, third-party companies across the world means increased opportunity to provide integrated solutions to Agilis customers. We've obtained National Instruments certification for our software developers to guarantee accurate and effective application results.

During NI Week 2014, Agilis Measurement Systems presented "Evolution of Turbine Blade Health Monitoring" at the Energy Technology Summit. The presentation explored the evolution of a fully automated turbo machinery blade health monitoring (BHM) system featuring NI hardware and software development tools. Attendees learned how Agilis c360® Vibration Intelligence Software is being used with NI DAQ hardware for R&D test and long-term condition-based monitoring.

Agilis Measurement Systems looks forward to growing our relationship with National Instruments and continuing to provide innovative solutions in the field of blade vibration measurement and analysis.

A special thanks to Peter Flores from National Instruments for his support.

Check out Agilis Measurement Systems in the NI Alliance Partner Directory:

A National Instruments Alliance Partner is a business entity independent from National Instruments and has no agency, partnership, or joint-venture relationship with National Instruments.

c360® is a registered trademark of Agilis Measurement Systems, Inc.

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